Judy’s Forgotten Jewells


Judy’s Forgotten Jewells is a licensed Non-Profit No Kill Animal Rescue Group. It was founded by Patricia L. Smith DVM in 2009 in honor of her mother’s childhood dog “Judy Dog” and Jewell Animal Hospital. Dr. Smith believes that ALL animals deserve quality pet care and a loving home. Our rescue is on site in Jewell and supported by volunteers, the hospital staff, and pet passionate people in our community who donate money and supplies – all of our donations go directly to providing food, supplies, shelter and medical costs to support our animals – we do not receive any funding from large corporations or private foundations. Our goal is to get our pets quality care and a loving home so that it opens up space in our rescue for other animals to have the same opportunity.

For more information on adoptable pets, visit judysforgottenjewells.com

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